Paternity law is an area of law regarding the legal relationship between a biological father and his children. Until paternity is established, a man has no legal rights or obligation regarding his alleged children. Paternity law is usually not a concern for married couples — if a married couple has a child, the law presumes the paternity of the father. Even if the couple marries after the child is conceived, or a man attempts to marry a woman around the time a baby is conceived, he is presumed to be the father. Paternity becomes a critical issue in short term dating relationships, non-committal relationships, or questionable biological father situations.

Both alleged fathers and mothers can sue for a paternity plea. Many father figures want to spend time with their child, and the best route to visitation rights is to establish parenthood. Mothers may need financial support, and so call upon the father to submit to genetic testing. In either case, representation allows the process to be clear and effective.

Most of the time, paternity law boils down to custody and money. Del Blocher can assist your family in finding the right balance in both and assist in computing complex financial situations such as self-employed fathers, commissions, bonuses, and overtime considerations. We know how the courts work, and we can file paperwork and stay aware of deadlines on your behalf. Del Blocher Law is prepared to fight on behalf of you and your children through the critical action of establishing the identity of their father.