Grandparent & Third Party Custody

Unfortunately, splitting of a family through divorce or separation does not just involve parents, but extended family as well. Many times grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and others will want to continue a relationship with a child. As a law firm that believes and supports that a child is best raised when surrounded by family and a cooperative community, we represent family members who wish to see their young relatives, most often grandparents. Keeping strong relationships with family has been shown to be important for developing self-esteem, identity, and stability.

Grandparents’ rights are more limited and vulnerable, however, they do have limited visitation rights under the law. In particular, a grandparent has a substantiated right to see their grandchild if the parents are divorced or separated, if the child is in non-parent custody, and if the grandparent’s child (one of the parents) is deceased. Grandparents’ rights in these situations are actually more than in a married or both parents living situation.

In more difficult situations where a grandparent does not believe that the parents have the best interest of the child at heart, a grandparent can file for a rebuttal presumption. This will require a court hearing where bringing forth the grandparents concerns such as the child’s best interest or proving that the parents are not in a position to make good decisions for a child. Del Blocher Law is skilled and well versed in fighting for grandparents’ and third party rights. Contact Del Blocher Law firm today.