Co-habitual & Non-Traditional Family Agreements

Over the years, the scope of family as broadened and so has the need for law that addresses the needs of non-traditional families. With the advancement of assisted reproductive technologies, children can be born to couples where only one is a biological parent, or in other situations children can be born to unmarried parents who are as committed to each other as married couples, and committed to raising their child. Adoption laws have made it easier for couples or singles to adopt relatives in kinship adoptions, and in adopting stepchildren. In addition, same-sex marriages face their own host of legal needs in relation to defining family.

Due to a variety of these less typical circumstances there becomes a need to clarify legal relationship of children to their parents. Minnesota state law has yet to speak definitively on many of these non-traditional arrangements and therefore couples must determine how to proceed with forming a non-traditional family through the courts. Due to the lack of specific laws, family law attorneys are more crucial than ever. Del Blocher is experienced and committed to representing clients from families that do not fit any particular mold and recognizes that their needs require skilled, experienced, and attentive representation.