Orders for Protection

In their most basic form, protection orders are legally-enforced court orders that prohibit someone from being near in physical proximity or communicating with another person. Typically this person who is being prohibited has been an abuser to the other.

Del Blocher Law is passionate about the well-being of our clients, and we are determined to make sure each and every victim of abuse is safe and without fear. It’s our privilege to can provide the representation and support you need to protect yourself and children, using an abundance of laws that specifically apply to your case.

A more commonly known term for protection orders is restraining orders. These court orders are legally required to be enforced by every law enforcement agency and court regardless of the state of origin. This means that you have protection even when moving across state lines. If your order of protection was issued in Minnesota and you move to Oregon, the same orders apply no matter where you end up.

In a protection order, the state is legally holding an abuser accountable for their offenses against you. Orders of protection include both physical and emotional abuse as long as they can be backed by formal reports. While orders of protection are legal paperwork, they’re also backed by police and evidence, which is a powerful tool against your abuser. Orders of protection empower victims by legally validating the offenses against them.